5 Nursing Positions To Mix Things Up

Some people think that because breastfeeding is natural, it comes naturally to every woman. In reality, it can take time, a lot of practice and a fair bit of trial and error.

There are so many ways to breastfeed your baby and you should do what works best for you. What’s important is that both Mum and baby are comfortable. Knowing a few different positions can be useful as your baby gets heavier and you are out and about more often. If you’re baby is struggling to latch properly, or you’ve got painful boobs, or just want to mix things up a bit, why not give some of these a try?

Woman nursing her baby in the side-lying position

1. Side-lying

Why do we like this one?

This position is perfect for those feeds where you want to feel more relaxed. Great for nighttime feeds in bed, lying on the sofa, or perhaps on a sun lounger in your Natare swimsuit! You could also find this position a little more comfortable if you have had a cesarean and sitting is painful.

How do we do it?

Mum and baby lie facing each other, tummy to tummy.

Top Tips

Putting a pillow or rolled up towel behind your baby’s back can lend support. You might also want to start sitting up to get a good latch and then slowly lie down while you get the hang of it.

Woman nursing her baby in the rugby ball hold position

2. Rugby Ball Hold

Why do we like this one?

The rugby ball hold is often used for twins and post C-Section Mums as well as being a great option for premature babies or women with larger breasts. This position allows your baby to lie snug against your body so they feel safe and gives you a good view of their face too.

How do we do it?

This hold is often called a clutch or underarm hold. The baby is tucked under your arm off to the side (like a rugby ball!) and held with one arm with the other arm supporting your breast. If you are holding your baby on the right side, they will latch onto your right breast while you support it with your left hand.

Top Tips

You can place a rolled-up towel under each breast to lift them up to relieve pressure and position them correctly.

A pillow under the baby will mean you don’t have to support them with your arm.

Woman breastfeeding her baby in the laid-back position

3. Laid-back breastfeeding

Why do we like this one? The laid-back breastfeeding position is also known as biological nurturing and is often the first one Mum’s try with their newborns. However, it can be used with babies at any age. It may be a good option if your baby struggles to latch or if you are feeling pain after a c-section.

How do we do it? Reclining gently at 45 degrees, your baby lies face down across your stomach. For C-section Mum’s, you can also have your baby lying vertically across your shoulder.

Top Tips You can also lie flat on your back with your baby over your shoulder, or off to the side, to protect your C-section scar.

Woman breastfeeding her baby in the koala hold position

4. Koala Hold

Why do we like this one? This is a brilliant position for feeding an older baby who can sit upright unaided, and for babies who suffer from reflux or ear infections.

How do we do it?

The baby sits facing you, straddling your thigh or on your hip, whichever feels more comfortable. You can support your baby with the arm on the same side they are feeding and support your breast with your other hand.

Top Tip If your baby is not long enough to reach the breast you can place a pillow under them to raise them higher. If you have painful nipples or blocked ducts then this position can help to reduce this.

Woman breastfeeding her baby in the dangle position

5. Dangle Feeding

Why do we like this one?

It’s not the most comfortable feeding position, but a lot of Mum’s use the dangle position if they have conditions like mastitis and don’t want the baby to lie against their sore breasts. People say the gravity also helps to relieve blocked ducts. It’s so unlike any other position that you will do, it might just be the thing you need to get things flowing!

How do we do it?

Your baby likes on their back, and you crouch over them on all fours and dangle your breast into their mouth.

Top Tip

You can add pillows or cushions to make this more comfortable. You could also lean down on your elbows.

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